Forever Wind (a poem)


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    Forever Wind (a poem) Empty Forever Wind (a poem)

    Post by Shannon on Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:08 pm

    Forever Wind

    The leaves are dying
    Flowers are dying
    Animals are dying
    The grass is dying
    The sky is dying
    Trees tend to die also
    The wind......
    Now the wind does not die
    it is the only thing that keeps going
    it will never die
    It will be alive forever
    October is a month of gloom,death and decay
    Many thing do not grow in October
    Fun dies in October
    We cannot wait till Spring
    Spring when everything comes
    back to life
    When the leaves grow back on the trees
    When the flowers start to bloom again
    When many baby animals are born
    When the grass goes back to its beautiful green self
    When the sky is a nice light blue
    When the trees are looking healthy once again
    But then we have the wind
    the wind never dies
    it always keeps blowing
    it will never die
    it will be alive forever

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